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Sheryl's 8th Annual BreastFest 2023

Steve McDermott is a 53-year-old single man with prostate cancer. He has completed one round of radiation and chemo, but may have to take meds indefinitely to keep the cancer at bay. He has recently found out there are spots on his pelvis and spine which doctors seem to think is treatable. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 50. He’s already had three surgeries and 6 weeks of radiation. He is currently taking chemo meds and waiting for the next round of tests and treatment planning.

Steve had to give up his job, (driving for UPS) because he couldn’t be in a vehicle all day and his treatments/surgeries have left him tired and weak. Steve was typically active and social, now tries to stay positive with the support of his family. He plays several instruments and enjoys seeing live music and gardening.

Please plan to spend a special day, May 13th, celebrating Steve as this year's beneficiary at Sheryl's BreastFest.

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