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Testimony From Dawn Dugan our 2022 Recipient

My name is Dawn Dugan. In Oct of 2021 I was diagnosed with stage 2b Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

The same week, we received a letter from our landlord letting us know our condo was being sold and we needed to relocate in a month. 

We ended up relocating, moving in with my daughter's family. This allowed us to be closer to our family and for me to have a support system daily as I fought cancer. 

During the time I was on chemo, I was unable to work, bills were stacking up & the stress was piling on. 

My daughter saw a post for Sheryl’s Breast Fest Benefit and sent in my information.

My husband, Shannon and I can not even put into words how grateful we are for this amazing organization.

Not only did they throw a wonderful & fun event in my honor that allowed me to escape from my reality for a day, but without the funds raised from my benefit, we would not have been able to get back on our feet after cancer shook our entire world up. The roof over our heads right now was made possible by this amazing community of people and we are forever grateful. 

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