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Sheryl's BreastFest 2016

Sheryl’s BreastFest was born out of love. In 2016, Sheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer and her friends, some of them musicians, wanted to cheer her up by playing her favorite music for her. Plans for a live concert quickly grew to a party and then a small ‘festival’ which made a leap to fundraiser. By the date of the event in May, there were five bands scheduled, raffles, food, support from the Lakeland Elks Lodge and so much more. As one might imagine, the love and joy was a blessing as was the nearly $4000 raised to help with the expenses Sheryl and her family incurred in just that first year.

Cancer free in 2017, Sheryl knew that she and her family and friends wanted to keep the music and the love going for others. So, the BreastFest hosted the second event on the same weekend, (the Saturday immediately before Mother’s Day). That year, a new beneficiary was chosen, and money was raised for that person with more music, food, and raffles. And so, it has gone on every year since. Although unable to have a physical ‘fest’ due to the pandemic, the foundation has raised thousands to support 2020’s beneficiaries despite this challenge.

So far, seven cancer patients have benefited, and the organization has donated approximately $49,000. Now a registered 501c3 non-profit, Sheryl’s BreastFest has become a recognized local entity with the support of Lakeland, Polk, and Florida business partners year after year.

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